AUTOMOTIVE REFINISH HVLP 827 Air Spray Gun 1.4mm 1.7mm

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   This professional spray gun is excellent for spraying basecoat or other high viscosity coatings for automotive industry, equipment and furniture paint applications. The in-built regulator ensures that you get the perfect flow of paint every time! This optimized flow rate means your operating costs will be reduced - no more wasted paint.


  • HVLP Type & High Atomization with Low Nozzle Air Pressure: High volume low pressure and excellent spraying efficiency, saves paint and protects the environment.
  • With 3 Built-in Control Knobs: Fluid control regulates amount of paint sprayed, Pattern control adjusts the fan pattern size, and air adjustment valve provides versatility to adjust air flow.
  • Multi-purpose Precision Airbrush: With 1.4mm or 1.7mm stainless steel fluid needle and nozzle, corrosion resistant.
  • Large Capacity of 600ml Feed Cup: Can meet different needs of nice and effective spraying.
  • Superior Quality Spray Gun: Better than 75% transfer efficiency with less than 10% psi output pressure and complies with environmental regulations.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Widely used in industrial products paint coating, furniture painting, wall painting, cars painting, factory spray paint.


Color: Blue

Material: Aluminum + Copper + Stainless Steel + PVC

Feed Type: Gravity Feed

Nozzle Diameter: 1.4mm / 1.7mm (Optional)
Spray Width: 230mm
Best Spray Distance: 200mm / 7.87in
Standard Working Pressure: 50-70PSI
Working Pressure: 0.5MPa
Intake Screw: 1/4"
Spray Control: External Control
Cup Capacity: 600ml
Air Consumption: 1.6-4.0 CFM
Compressor Required: 2-3HP
Cup Size: 170 * 110mm / 6.69 * 4.33in (H * Dia.)
Size of Spray Gun: Approx.160 * 40 * 185mm / 6.30 * 1.57 * 7.28in
Weight of Spray Gun: Approx.586g / 20.67oz (With Cup)
Package Size: Approx.22 * 13.5 * 13cm / 8.66 * 5.31 * 5.12in (L * W * H)

Package Weight: Approx.792g / 27.93oz